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Unit 1

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Essential Question:

How do the diverse regions and peoples of NY and the rest of our country reflect their greatness?

Week 1

TG p. 18j-k


Use the Kidspiration Template to list the Sequence of Events in Because of Winn-Dixie.


TG p. 34


Use BOCES Toolbox Pro’s ‘ToolBlog Pro’ to pose questions so students can respond to them online.  Give them the week to respond during center time or take them to the lab.  Students with internet access at home can log in and respond for homework.  For this story, question #1 on page 34 might be a good one to use for student comments.

TG p. 36

Inspiration Template: Students use the Inspiration template to find and record information about an animal of their choice.

  • Students could create a web portal of their own about an animal of choice by creating hyperlinks to more information about the animal.
  • Then they could open each other’s projects and learn about the animals their classmates chose by clicking the links and filling in facts from the websites they chose.
  • The focus of this lesson is developing an understanding of effective web searches.  The teacher should do an introductory lesson about effective web searching, teaching kids to look for Credibility of Information on the Internet.

General Tips:

Some of this is set up already at (ask Cheryl for the Password)

Enter your FIX-IT sentences, Writing Prompts, Skills Practice, etc. into a student-safe Wiki site.  Only one student at a time can edit a page in a wiki. 

Daily Fix-Its: Students would edit sentences and offer tips for why they fixed it the way they did.  If teacher or students notice a classmate did something incorrectly, they can fix those mistakes as well.  Then you can look at how the page evolved over time as more students entered information during the week.

Writing Prompts: Offer students a writing prompt on the wiki so they can collaboratively write a response.  It can be creative writing prompts.  They can do research and write collaborative essays about a social studies or science topic…  If you have many writing prompts on separate pages, students will be able to find a spot to edit pretty easily.  The point is to leave them up there.  This should help students appreciate the need for revision and collaboration.

Skills Practice: Have students use the wiki as a place to define and practice new skills:

  • Compare / Contrast
  • Sequence of Events
  • Plot
  • Summarizing
  • How to write a paragraph, personal narrative, memoir, essay…
  • Finding the Main Idea
  • Predicting / Drawing Conclusions
  • Figurative Language
  • Vocabulary Words (word structure)
  • Etc………

They could make a “wik-tionary,” with a wiki, about the reading skills and/or the vocabulary they learn throughout the year.  By the end of the school year, they can see how far they’ve come together and they’ll have a great study aid.


Week 5

Yosemite National Park 4th Grade Project (zipped file includes MS Word & PowerPoint documents): students use the Big 6 to complete this project about Yosemite National Park
Developed by Gloria Machmer, Erwin Valley; Sue Black, Kent Phillips


Cheryl Tice, Instructional Support Specialist for Technology, GST BOCES