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Multiple Intelligences (MI)

Differentiation should focus on 3 learning areas: Readiness, Interest, and Learning Profile.  Multiple Intelligences is a theory that was developed by Howard Gardner and is part of a students learning profile.  Gardner states that people possess multiple intelligences that are either cultivated or ignored. 

Instead of a teacher-centered approach where students adjust to the teaching style, teachers can make their classrooms more student-centered by finding out which intelligence(s) their students prefer and differentiate to fit their preferences.  In this process, teachers should keep student interests and readiness in mind.

Concept to Classroom: Multiple Intelligences - a very extensive resource about MI including an explanation, demonstration, exploration, and implementation of the theory

Literacy Works: Multiple Intelligences - another extensive site including and intro to MI, strategies for engaging the intelligences, MI assessment tool, and links to resources

Multiple Intelligences and Teaching - article that draws attention to the fact the MI is only part of the picture; student interests and readiness must also be considered when differentiating instruction

Multiple Intelligences: Assessment - great way to assess your own MI strengths

Multiple Intelligences: A Theory for Everyone - article from Education World about MI and how to apply it in the classroom


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