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A WebQuest about WebQuests by Bernie Dodge

Colonial Kids WebQuest
Elementary Social Studies - Created by Mary Hancock

Seasons WebQuest
Primary Social Studies - Created by Cheryl Tice
(File Size: ~25MB)

A Solar System WebQuest
Elementary Science - Created by Mary Hancock, Instructional Support Specialist

Winter Holiday WebQuest
Primary Social Studies - Created by Cheryl Tice

Secondary Health - Created by K. LaBombard

Bones and the Badge
High School Forensic Science - Created by Clarissa Labor

Buying Your First Car
Middle School Math - Created by Hether Gillette

Comparing Feudal Life in Europe and Japan
Secondary Social Studies - Created by Cheryl Tice

The Crucible: Miller v. McCarthy
Secondary English - Created by Leslee Wallace and Julie Kimmel

Geography WebQuest
Middle School Social Studies - Created by Dora Leland

Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?
Secondary Math - Created by Ashlee Yartz, John Neumeyer, and Tom Seltzer

World War I WebQuest
Secondary Social Studies - Created by Mike Oulton

General Resources
WebQuest Matrix from WebQuest.org


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